четверг, 11 мая 2017 г.

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Week 2. Geek culture in RBStaycation.


 I love my job very much. Painting for me as a meditation. Even more I love performing different themes. Redbubble Challenge gives me a unique opportunity to discover something new. The second week and the new theme - Geek culture, honestly never before I heard about this. I had to learn about it. 

As I understand, this culture is created for people who are fond of video games and in their games there are fantastic creatures. This all coincided with my desire to acquaint my clients and folovers with Ukrainian subjects.

 So, I present to your attention creatures from Ukrainian naive art created in the last century, that is, when computer games and comic books practically did not exist.


воскресенье, 7 мая 2017 г.

Redbubble Staycation Art Challenge !


 It’s vacation time. When people head to the beach, mountains, theme parks, or wherever for sun, fun, and something else that rhymes with sun and fun. While that sounds nice, us creative types can’t always take the time to just up and leave. We make art. It’s what we do. And art-making usually takes place indoors. In small rooms. Small lonely rooms.

So, I decieded to take part in this beautiful Challenge that will take 4 weeks. Over the next 4 weeks w I’ll issue 4 different vacation-themed creative prompts to make new works for a bunch of awesome products.
First week- floral design to v-neck t-shirt:
Here are my artworks. I did it in traditional folk ukrainian style. Hope you will enjoy.