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Some paintings from "Ah, Africa" series

"Ah, Africa" by Tatyana Binovska
Olga Petrova (Former professor, Institute of Morden Art problems )

"Ah, Africa" ​​- a new, created and submitted to the public eye scenic cycle of Tatiana Binovska. Part "Ah" is multi-valued. Africa shocked the artist with exotic, but even more willingness for the holiday, for joy. Africa is complex, mysterious, its life is contradictory, and often tragic. Tatiana Binovskatook her Africa to Odessa, seen by the eyes of a gambling, impudent and benevolent person. About this type of artist said E. Kant: "The soul, full of feelings, is the greatest perfection and event in the world."
T. Binovska has enough positive emotions for intensive painting, as well as for public activities of the gallery owner, who was awarded the state award "Saint Sophia" for the revival of spirituality and national culture. Professional artist, T. Binovskaya has not only been actively exhibiting her own creative work in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Holland, Belgium, Germany and Great Britain since 1991, but with a passionate interest the educator popularizes the work of fellow artists at home and abroad. It is alien to egocentrism, so characteristic of modern modernists, that only self-beloved ones are not tired of advertising. T. Binovska's style of communication with colleagues in the traditions of intelligence of the times of M. Bulgakov, I. Ilf, E. Bagritsky. Not wishing to accept the fact that benevolence is now almost lost in the artistic environment, T. Binovska, again and again gives a chance - extends a hand of creative support to colleagues. Among the many projects she created, the International Biennial "Marina" (1996, 2000) and the publication of the same album.
Tatiana is communicative, it's easy and pleasant to talk with her, she wants to talk about her art, taking time off from her own work.
The emotionality of her paintings is contagious suggestive.
So, painting T. Binovska!
The reality for an artist is how you see things. Tatiana sees the world like Hellenes, who created a solar culture. The phenomenon of T. Binovskaya-artist is that the constructive convincingness of the canvases is supported by the decorative expressiveness and the aura of joy perceived by the sea. Like Pygmalion, that he fell in love with Galatea, Tatiana enjoys the power and beauty of the written body, its plasticity and rhythms. All this, complexly represented in the composition, makes the world of Tatiana's images deeply individual. Her voice is not confused with others, the canvases embody the natural, God-given temperament and nowhere, except for the Cosmos, is not borrowed sensuality. The artist cultivates the expression of feelings and at the same time extends the "over-reality" of the canvases with the principles of poetry - associations, metaphors, the laws of the path. Tatiana gives canvas freedom, including from being conditioned, in the manner of poetry. "Painting is not prose," said Pablo Picasso, "it is written in verses with plastic rhymes ... Plastic rhymes are shapes that are consonant with one another and coordinated with other forms or with the space around them."
The works of T. Binovskaya are plot-oriented. They are always stories about something, however, its "literary" nature is conditional. The plot transferred to painting from the outside is re-born in a plastic form and color from their own, internal resources. It is not by chance that the rhythm of the canvases is so close to ornamentalism. According to the emotional charge, according to the excitement inherent in her works, she is akin to the murals of the Palace of Knossos. Crete, the ornamentation of the Turkish folk carpet, the decorative abundance of suzane. Speech, of course, is not about borrowing, but about the roll-calls with tradition, cultivated by a joyful attitude.
Tatiana Binovskaya is a modernist. Her inner look captures the soul of phenomena. In her work is obviously a very subjective beginning. The picturesque world of T. Binovskaya once again convinces: art must not correspond to any other laws, except its own intrinsic nature.
In the new cycle "Ah, Africa", in the paintings "Sleeping Beauty", in "Compositions without a name", in others the tendencies of artistic intuition and penetration into another's culture deepen. The artist says: "The cycle" Ah, Africa "was created under the influence of the spirit of creativity and goodwill that overwhelmed me on this trip."
Of course, in this cycle of canvases there is no such crystallization of the theme, that composition and plot wholeness, what works differ, so to say, on the basis of native material. The canvases of the African cycle are not integral both in their literary and in the structural filling - they are filled with the enthusiasm of the discoverer, who stepped on the ground. All the preliminary knowledge, the human reason, All the preliminary knowledge, the reason of the person who came from the world of pragmatic intellectualism, were not needed at the meeting With crushing novelty. The support in the perception of the world of Africa was "Dionysium." Tatiana entered the stream that was not yet in her life and swam confidently and boldly into the new river. Africa has transformed the "inner landscape" of the painter beyond recognition. In the palette sounded deaf brown-violet with scarlet glimpses of the tone of an exotic African night, when a huge moon is likened to a ritual tambourine, and people's faces are hidden by the darkness and ciphers of another's consciousness. Tatiana deepened into the element of shamanism, merged with the untold as it was able to make the founders of the avant-garde of the early twentieth century.
Well, it is not the first and not finishing tradition of modernism, seeking revelations on margines, in archaic cultural layers: Gauguin in Polynesia, Picasso and Modigliani in the ritual sculpture of Africa, Matisse in the Arab East, Archipenko in the archeology of Tripoli.
The bridge between the past and tomorrow is built firmly, and not only avant-garde artists, but also philosophers A. Schopenhauer, A. Bergson, CG Jung, others who valued the intuitive, archaic more civilized. Deeply appreciating the value of the subconscious, alien codes, which the artist can only comprehend intuitively, T. Binovskaya in the series "Ah, Africa" ​​fell out of the captivity of the usual themes, plots, stylistics and entered the dimension of sleep as a sovereign world of artistic revelations. After all, according to the wisest E. Kant: "Art is created in the aura of freedom, what's more - in self-will, in rejection of norms and rules." In the art of Tatiana Binovska there is a courage.

                                                    Here are some of the artworks
"Ah, Africa" oil on canvas, original is available.

"Blue Madonna" oil on canvas (Original is in collection of National art Museum of Ukraine)

"Best Wishes-1"oil on canvas, original is in private collection

"Nosipho" oil on canvas, original is in private collection

"Best Wishes" oil on canvas, original is available

"All world is my Mom"- original is avalable

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My Art project "Ah, Africa"

The desire to create a series of works devoted to Africa came to me after my first time visit to Cape Town.  ​Africa I have been associated  Africa in my mind with red and yellow colors. Cape Town, struck me with his unbelievable blue sky, huge ocean and the sea of ​​smiles.
Coming from Ukraine at the time after the Orange Revolution, the first that I felt was a state holiday. The human warmth filled my soul.
In life  I am a person who use to live on a high note.
I like to enjoy life and see happy people around me.
In Ukraine, I do not have that enough.                                              
I started work on the project immediately upon return to Odessa. The first exhibition was opened in January 2006 in the Odessa Maritime Art Gallery.
 It was held with the assistance of the Embassy of South Africa in Ukraine.


"Ах, Африка"- это название художественного проекта стартовавшего в 2005 году.
Желание создать серию работ посвященных Африке пришло ко мне после посещения Кейптауна.
До этого, представление об Африке у меня было связано с красно желтыми цветами. 
Кейптаун поразил меня своей голубизной, огромным небом, безмерным бирюзово- голубым океаном и морем улыбок. 
Приехав из Украины в момент сразу же после первой Оранжевой революции я ощутила состояние праздника. Человеческое тепло наполнило мою душу. Я по жизни человек, живущий на высокой ноте.  Люблю радоваться жизни и видеть счастье окружающих меня людей. 
В Украине мне этого не хватало. 
Я начала работу над проектом сразу же по возвращению в Одессу. Первая выставка проекта открылась в январе 2006 года в Морской Арт Галерее. Выставка прошла при содействии Посольства ЮАР в Украине.


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